inspiration in fred...

         My sweet friends and I are in a book club together...we are reading Orthodoxy:)  What an inspiration all of those sweet girls are!  I also passed by this inspiring flower the other day as the sky was getting gray and it was almost glowing with excitement of the overdue rain:)  Goodness gracious Fred is so inspiring!!


a wonderfully rainy "sunshine" wedding

     My sweet cousin Allison Turpin is officially Allison Dowell after the most wonderful and beautiful of weddings!  It rained all weekend which worked wonderfully for the couple that is joyful regardless of situations and finds excitement in the happiness of the flowers and trees being quenched from their extremely long thirst. 

     My dear husband encouraged me to wear my jewelry the entire weekend and I found a piece for every occasion!  I wore my ebullient bib necklace to the rehearsal dinner along with my green jade drop earrings, the sliced stone necklace was worn to the bridesmaid luncheon, and the simple gold wrap bracelet was the perfect touch for the cream bridesmaid dress.

Here is a picture of the bridesmaids...Allison thought of the cutest idea to let us pick out our own dress in cream...I loved seeing everyone's personality in their dresses...especially in Allison's wedding dress!  It was the perfect dress for her...she looked absolutely stunning!

What fun!  Yay for Allison and Will!


excited about new ideas

Today I have been working on some great new pieces.  I can't wait to get them posted on-line!  Just for everyone's information I am still working on my Google cart so it will be a little bit longer until you can purchase on the website:)  


slowly but surely

Getting close to finally finishing...can't wait until that very moment when I will let out a big sigh, lay back in my chair, and smile!


a little help from my friends

So here we are...sweet Lara Bobo and I are working on my new website!  We are working in her super cute store Enid...I wish I could buy everything in it!

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