favorite new piece!!!

So I have come up with something fresh and new that I haven't really seen done by other jewelry designers that I am excited about!!  My sweet friend Shan and cutie patootie sis Sarah Beth have informed me that it is my best piece.  Hope you like them!!!  I'm going to be making more and more so check in for more colors as I make them and post them:)



now I've got a craving for a crepe in Paris...

After thinking about Ashlea's blog and hoping that I am the lucky winner...I have developed a major craving for a scrumdiddlyumptious Parisian crepe!  One of my favorite things to do when I lived in Paris was to indulge in a cinnamon sugar crepe:)...and boy did I indulge...perhaps a little too much!  My husband I returned to Paris last spring so that I could show him my old "stompin' gorunds" when I lived there.  I found this picture and it increased my crepe cravings...thought I would share:)


last day for little kitchen that could blog giveaway!!!

My sweet friend Ashlea has the cutest blog: The Little Kitchen that Could!  And alas she has been given a crepe pan by a store to do a giveaway on her blog!!  FUN!!  So go to her blog and comment on the giveaway post for your chance to win a crepe pan:)  Don't forget to tell her what "your crepe" would be!  Mine would be a crepe with a honey lavender mixture inside and powdered sugar on top:) 

Have fun at the Little Kitchen that Could!!


accessories even at an early age:)

I found this picture the other day and wanted to share it because I thought it was so apropos for the thing I love to do...make jewelry!  From even those early years I loved the idea of accessories!! 


Caroline and I discussing our "fancy" jewelry:)


featured on the lovey dovey blog!!

One of my favorite blogs of all time is my friend Abby Hyslop's blog appropriately named Lovey Dovey!!  I am excited and honored beyond words to be featured on the cutest of blogs!!  Abby is a designer for Target...and even better a designer of baby clothes!!!  How wonderful is that!  If only she lived in Fred...what fun that would be...I knew from the moment we met in Austin that we were kindred spirits!  Check out her blog:  Lovey Dovey Design

Abby and I are on the far left:)  Photo from Lovey Dovey Design Blog.



Abby's super cute blog header!!  Check it will be the blog you have to look at every day because it is just so wonderful and inspiring!