new design...

Check out this new design that my friend Mallory and I designed together!  It is a little smaller than the ebullient bib necklace and therefore doesn't have as many stones on it which gives it a lower price and a bit of subtlety.  I like the clean minimalist look...and I hope you do too!    


steven tye culbert...

My sweet friend Mallory, whom the "mallory sutcliffe" piece is named after, has shared with me her father's website featuring his amazing art work!  Mr. Culbert, I call him Uncle Steve, has one of the most artistic minds I have ever come across!  He is not only a screenwriter and a novelist, but also an amazing artist!  How inspiring to all of us in the art world!  His pieces are beautifully done in ink and paper.  As I was looking through them I loved looking at the story that came out of piece and into my imagination.  His talents all seem to mold together in this new outlet...and I absolutely love a picture that tells a story.  The pieces have a  minimalistic quality that reminds me of the genius of Alfred Hitchcock who's endings were minimalist to say the least.  They left but a glimpse of an ending and an open page to turn your imagination to.  STC takes this to a whole new level in a piece of us a glimpse of a great story in the strokes of ink and leaving us to run with it in our minds.  And that my friends is a genius of its own!

P.s. My little write up does not even do these pieces justice!

Visit his website at



fabric flower pins...

Vintage fabrics and ribbons come together with my flowers to make a happy pin to brighten up the day!




fall farmer's market show...

What an absolute blast my friend Shannon (Clapping Tree Design) and I had selling our designs together a couple of weeks ago for the Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills Farmer's Market.  It was a beautiful day and we both had a wonderful time at our first show ever!






tan ebullient bib necklace...

I wore the super fun tan ebullient bib necklace to the rehearsal dinner "dessert party" at a wedding we went to for a great friend, Kelly Nixon, a couple of weeks ago and it was a big hit!  What fun it is having one of those big pieces on!  Life is too short not to have fun with jewelry!


           My sweet husband, me and the necklace, Pops, Mom T, Andy (my brother-in-law)