I have been making many pieces for the holidays and wanted to share the wonderful rainbow of colors they make together!



christmas colors...

I put the fabric flower pin together with my green scarf this weekend for a little holiday cheer!  It was the perfect combo to show a little Christmas spirit!  


peach tree...

So I am about to restock my pieces at the Peach Tree in Fredericksburg!  I am so excited that they are getting a good reception there!  Please come by and see all of the new jewelry!  Hopefully, it will be in by next week! 

I am so honored to not only be in the Peach Tree, but to be in Enid Collin's (aunt Tina's very talented grandmother) jewelry case which first displayed jewelry by James Avery!  What history there is alone in that beautiful antique case!

Hope you are having a great Christmasy day!


thomas edmund bruce hill...

My sweet little brother Thomas has been experimenting with my mom's camera and I love his photographic eye!  At only 12 years old this little boy has some promising creativity!  Thought I would share:)


thank heaven for little girls...

I'm working on some pieces for young girls and babies that I think will be really fun.  My little cousin Cynthia Kate has been asking me to make her some pieces that would fit her.  She and I are going to work together to find out what she thinks little girlies would like.  CK has already found out that the flower headband and the velcro bracelets fit her perfectly...:)  

Cynthia Kate in her favorite flower headband.  Isn't she a cutie patootie!!


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