sunshine texas day...

As you can see I have been blogging somewhere else.  After checking out come on over to for some daily fun and sunshine!  





launching of sunshine baby!

Today is the day!!  I have officially created my new line of baby goodies!  Sunshine Baby will have screen printed onesies and shirts, handmade booties, and jewelry for the girlies!  I am so excited about this new direction in my creations!  Be sure to visit back soon to see the goods!  


new necklaces...

Wow! It sure has been a long time since I have written on my website blog...but better late than never.  Yesterday I worked on some new vintage flower necklaces.  They are super cute:)  Here is a look at them.


happy birthday!!

I was going through pics from this weekend and found this one of my friend Katie and I...and today it is her birthday!!  Thought I would give her a little birthday post for fun!  -I love her style...can't you tell...bought these glasses* after Katie wore them over for dinner one night...too cute!!!-


jewelry from nature...

I made my sweet husband an album of our honeymoon pics for his birthday.  We made one hotel reservation in Costa Rica and one in Belize before we left, rented a car when we got there, and found places to stay along the jungle roads....boy was it an adventure!  This picture is in Montozuma where we found an awesome little beach house to rent for a night from a secretary at a hotel.  What fun!  Jewelry designing was going on even on our honeymoon...David initiated the wonderful idea! He found me a beautiful pink shell with a hole right through the middle of it and used some floss to make a necklace for me...and then later on the trip I found him some white and orange coral with a hole through it and made him one too:) I still have my pink shell and I love it:)

Sounds like it's time for me to do some shell hunting!  Perhaps they would make good KT designs pieces:)

Hope everyone is having a great sunshine day!