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new direction

I started drawing in this medium when I made a Christmas present for my sweet brother-in-law, John Turpin, by drawing him a picture of his beautiful mid-century house in Austin, TX and then watercoloring it to give a bit of life to the architecture.  I hopefully will get a picture of it soon and put it in my portfolio section.  

I then started to draw flowers as gifts for hostesess for my baby shower and I just loved the way that they turned out.  I think that they would make great stationary or even art prints...I'm working on that.  But, I have just loved the way that with this sweet little baby around I have been forced to focus my thoughts and ideas.  Rather than making jewelry, blogging, painting, drawing, and much more...I am determined to keep my focus on drawing and recreating the colors and shapes of beautiful blooms and the lines of strong architecture.  

My latest use of ink and watercolor were in the Christmas card we sent out this year that I drew and designed.  I even made stickers to go with the same design as the card:)  If you are ever interested in me creating something like this for you contact me:)

We shall see where this new direction will take me...I am super excited to start something fresh and new!!!

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